I am new to blogging, but I am seriously going to make an effort this year. I love sharing/bragging about my wonderful family. I came up with the title of my Blog, "My Favorite Things," because of course my children, my husband, and my furry kids are my favorite things, but I am finding new things everyday that I like (books, baking, music, and more). I want to share anything and everything, so I hope someone enjoys my favorite things as much as I do.

Friday, November 16, 2012

November 2012


November already! We are so blessed and have more to be thankful for then I can possibly put into this blog. Tons of new things are happening in our family.
Jason works hard and has some active duty time coming up. He never stops going and working. We miss him a lot of times, but we love his hard work and dedication.
Zekie is in preschool at the local Montessori. He is doing so great. Learning and growing more and more everyday. I love and hate it all at the same time. It's interesting. He is so smart and friendly. He loves his teachers and his new friends.
Brody is also growing a lot. He is quite the smarty-pants. He spends most of his time with books, still. He says, "every book is an adventure." It's so fun to read with him and hear him "read" to me. Such a kick in the pants.
Lil' is our princess and she knows it. She is dainty and yet so tom-boy it's hilarious. She doesn't like dolls or barbies yet, but she really loves cars, action dudes, and anything brothers are into. I love watching her dance and sing most of all.
I have no free time, so there is not much to say about me. I spend most of my time cleaning, playing games with the kids, reading with the kids, and anything I can with the kids. At night while I wait up for Jason, I either clean or read. Boring but a lot of you can relate, I bet.
Right now, this is our life, and this is our family.

Our Family Photo by Kristen Silvernale

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